Amethyste Range

Revitalize and renew your hair with the Amethyste Hair care range. Formulated and infused to regulate, purify, hydrate and maintain vibrant color all year round.

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Silver Shampoo


Brightening shampoo for silver and Blonde hair. Neutralising yellow and brassy undertones to keep your hair vibrant and Blonde all year round.

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Hydrate Velvet Mask

250ML, 1000ML,

Providing deep nutrition and hydration to rejuvenate dull and dry hair from root to tip.

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Purify Peeling Mask


A Pre-Shampoo pealing mask aiding in exfoliating the scalp and removal of dead skin though a unique formula of micro-beads and purifying agents delivered straight to the scalp.

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Color Revital Restoring Lotion

10 X 10ML

Deep penetrating treatment for restoring dry and damaged hair leaving it feeling shiny, strong and better than ever.

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