Backbar Range

High quality deeply hydrating and nourishing product range designed to keep hair looking its best with Plant based extracts and oils

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Backbar Color Mask

250ML, 1000ML,

Enriched with Sunflower Seed extract, a superfood deeply rich in Vitamin E and Linolenic Acid • Its rich and creamy formula helps extending color treated hair vibrancy while detangling, adding shine and nourishment.

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Backbar Color Shampoo

250ML, 1000ML, 5000ML

Contains an antioxidant-rich mix of Almond milk and Fig • Its advanced formula cleanses and helps extending color-treated hair vibrancy, leaving it silky and shiny • The optimized low pH formula helps to close the cuticle after colouration.

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Backbar Extreme Conditioner

250ML, 1000ML

Infused with a highly nutritious Superfood mix of Avocado Oil and Wheat Protein, rich in Fatty Acids, Tocopherols and Proteins • Ultra moisturising formula that deeply nourishes and detangles the hair, controls frizz and leaves the hair shiny and silky smooth.

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Backbar Gentle Shampoo

250ML, 1000ML, 5000ML,

Contains Oats and Lavender, natural ingredients rich in proteins and fats – with soothing and moisturizing properties • Gentle pH 5.5 formula for hair and scalp. It leaves hair clean, shiny and supple.

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