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HD Life Style Volumizing Spray


This volumizing spray creates lasting lift and volume for your lushest blow-dry ever!

The lift up tech is a balanced resin blend that helps to add fullness and hold, leaving hair beautifully voluminous, enviably glossy and full of movement. It thickens the hair without adding weight, leaving just a lush and shiny volumizing effect. This balanced resin blend gives an ideal hold to provide a long-lasting effect without adding stiffness to the hair.

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HD Life Style Volume & Shine Mousse


This mousse offers incredible volume and free flowing movement with long lasting frizz control and natural shine. naturally infused with Argan oil in a creamy Vegan formula.

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HD Life Style Hyaluronic Leave-In Conditioner


This multi-tasking hair prep spray is the first step in any hair routine. It gently detangles, helps control frizz, protects against heat and adds shine.
Its weightless formula primes the hair for any style—leaving it smooth, shiny and easy to comb.Instant gratification with its lightweight formula that detangles and primes hair for immediate glide-through combing, leaving strands silky soft and incredibly touchable.

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HD Life Style Defining Glossy Wax


A malleable glossy wax offering great versatility in style with an iconic wet effect that can be easily changed. all encompassed in a Vegan formula

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