Professional Haircare essential collection

All the professional high-performance formulas are enriched with nutrients, plant-based extracts and superfoods - including seeds, fruits, greens & oils – the ideal recipes for shiny, healthy-looking hair.
Suggest to your client the best duo. Mix and match the right cleanser with the right conditioner for an exclusive tailor-made treatment.

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Backbar Shampoo Range

250ml, 1L, 5L

The Backbar shampoo range has a shampoo for every type of hair. Available with a variety of exclusive aromas, from Fig and Almond, through Argan and Honey, to Natural Herbs. Each scent has it's unique properties for different hair types. Available in bottles from 250ml to 5L.

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Backbar Conditioner Range

250ml / 1000ml

Backbar conditioner range helps condition your dry or damaged hair. Enthused with either Papaya & Orchid or Coconut & Mango, the conditioner leaves your hair wonderfully scented. With a 5 minute application time, the conditioner is ideal for anyone whose time matters.

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Backbar Color Mask n.05 Cream Plus

250ml / 1000ml

Colour protection mask for coloured hair. Enriched with Sunflower Seed extract, a superfood deeply rich in Vitamin E and Linolenic Acid. Its rich and creamy formula helps extending color treated hair vibrancy while detangling, adding shine and nourishment.

Scented with a passion flower aroma, the n.05 colour mask cream will leave your hair smelling wonderful.

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