Eve Experience

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The first new generation permanent hair colouring cream with INFINITE COLOR+ and KV TECHNOLOGV, created harmonizing science and nature.

- 75%+ Longer lasting colour

- 23%+ Deeper colour intensity

- 100% White coverage

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EVE Experience Color

100 ml

The newest generation of permanent hair colouring cream. Created from a harmony of nature and science, Eve Experience colouring generates the perfect colour without compromises. Specifically developed free from PPD and resorcinol with minimum ammonia to fully respect skin and hair. Eve delivers a more gentle and safe formula both for hair stylists and customers.

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EVE Experience Bleaching Powder


Dust free formulated bleaching powder. Up to 9 levels of fast-acting lift. Enriched with KV technology, Fast processing time brings results 20% faster. Low ammonia content for maximum comfort during services.

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EVE Experience Cream Developers

1000 ml: 10 VOL, 20 VOL, 30 VOL, 40 VOL

- Creamy texture

- Easy and precise application

- Variable mixing ratio of 1:1 to 1:2

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EVE Experience Colouring Tutorial and Demonstration