Omniplex is based on a new and exclusive molecular technology composed of blend of active molecules. The core of this innovative technology is a molecule characterized by Amino groups placed at the edges of the Polymer chain. This peculiarity allows the Polymer chain to assume a “horseshoe” shape and this allows it to bind tightly to the hair. This is why Omniplex is so effective.

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Omniplex Bleach Powder


2 in 1 power and protection bleach with Plex technology to help protect and preserve the hair's structural bonds.

Omniplex bleach powder is suited for all lightening techniques. The dust free formula is ideal for lightening up to 7 tones.

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Omniplex No.3 Miracle at Home Hair Treatment


FarmaVita Omniplex No.3 Miracle at Home Hair Treatment is a luxurious at-home treatment that should be used after a full Omniplex service in the salon. The quick and easy application process takes just 5 minutes to transform hair and leaves behind a velvety texture by reactivating and rebuilding the molecular complex of the hair.

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Omniplex Salon Kit

200ml / 1000ml

The FarmaVita Omniplex Salon Kit can be used during all perm, straightening, colour, bleaching and chemical treatments.

The kit consists of Omniplex Bond Maker No.1 and Omniplex Reinforcer No.2.

Omniplex Bond Maker No.1:
- Builds and enforces strong structural bonds
- Doesn’t interfere with the chemical service
- Protects hair from breakage and adds strength
- Helps to prevent hair damage from all salon hair treatments

Omniplex Bond Reinforcer No.2:
- Creamy texture
- Stabilises the bonds
- Deeply nourishes
- Seals the cuticle
- Protects colour

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