About us

From 1973

FarmaVita’s story starts in 1973 as an artisanal cosmetic laboratory near Milan. In 1990, FarmaVita was acquired by the Spurio Family to move the brand forward to the professional market, choosing Professional Hair Color as the core of the business.

120,000 colour tubes produced daily

92 countries around the world now distribute FarmaVita products

  • Today, FarmaVita is in constant expansion, evolution and manufacturing, in our 15,000m2 plant, producing over 120,000 colour tubes per day, and exporting our products to over 70 countries worldwide.

  • High-quality products and a global assistance service covering all stages of product development, production and distribution have made FarmaVita the supplier of choice for numerous international customers of the highest standing.



Over the years, FarmaVita has demonstrated a strong international vocation, explaining why we have an Export Department in our HQ.

FarmaVita’s top priority is customer satisfaction, both in terms of product offering and personalised customer service.

“The continuous research, accurate choice of high-quality raw materials and cutting edge technology make it possible for us to offer a superb range of high quality and innovative products every year, which contribute to raising the professionalism of our customers.”

  • Our R&D laboratory is one of the core components in our product development process. Ongoing research, the development of new formulas, the testing of innovative raw materials and active ingredients are part of our daily commitment to research.

  • The advanced technology plant and machinery in our production facility are state-of-the-art. Ongoing investments programs ensure that things will stay that way.

  • The entire production and filling process is fully automatized, controlled by highly advanced computer software, ensuring the elimination of human error.

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Our commitment to excellence has resulted in the creation of an innovative, high-performance quality control system integrated into all phases of production. Quality also means regulatory compliance: with our Internal Regulatory Department (R&D), all our products are developed in compliance with European and international regulations to guarantee product safety and customer satisfaction (GMP).


Here at FarmaVita, we strive to be the greatest to deliver the greatest to all.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Personalised customer service

  • 100% Made in Italy

    Developed to perfection

  • Revolutionary

    Striving for Excellence