EVE Experience Color

100 ML

The newest generation of permanent hair colouring cream. Created from a harmony of nature and science, Eve Experience colouring generates the perfect colour without compromises. Specifically developed free from PPD and resorcinol with minimum ammonia to fully respect skin and hair. Eve delivers a more gentle and safe formula both for hair stylists and customers.

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Suprema Professional Hair Colouring Cream


Suprema Color is a professional oxidizing permanent hair coloring cream providing 100% grey coverage. Guarantees intense, luminous and vibrant results thanks to high quality ingredients and to its formula, with a creamy base rich in conditioning agents and lipids that work in synergy with an exclusive prodigious oil complex for supreme conditioning, brilliance and protection. Suprema Color offers new and infinite possibilities of color expression, thanks to its exclusive and complete color palette with Naturals, Intense, Warm and Cold Naturals, Ash, Goldens, Browns, Beiges, Reds, Violets, Superlightners and Special Mix.

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Life Color Plus


Creatively colour hair with FarmaVita Life Color Plus.

Life Color Plus' balanced formula enables 100% white coverage, nourishing and conditioning hair by deeply penetrating the hair fibre.

The range is crafted with EXCELSA HP Technology allowing proper nourishment and restoring of the main hair components.

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